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It is the price of living in paradise: mosquitoes!

It is that time of year again when the little buggers seem to multiply faster than any other known insect. And they invite themselves and all their relatives to every backyard barbecue on the block.

It comes with the territory of living in a water-rich environment. But what is far more disturbing than being irritated and inconvenienced while mingling with mosquitoes are the health risks, such as West Nile Virus and encephalitis, among others.

In the summer and early fall of 2011, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) logged the beginning of West Nile Virus in Florida as beginning in June and lasting through October, spiking in July and August. A total of 24 people were documented as having West Nile in Florida for the season last year, according to the CDC.

But with A-Niks™ Outdoor Comfort Solutions’ sophisticated mosquito misting system, you and your family won’t fall prey to hungry and harmful insects. Set on timers for dawn, early evening and dusk, the system mists for about 30 to 45 seconds an insecticide out of nozzles that are strategically placed in and around the yard, landscaping, planters, fence lines, property lines, and soffits and fascias along the home.

“When we’re doing a backyard,” explains Al Erturk, co-founder with his wife, Deborah of A-Niks™ Outdoor Comfort Solutions, “we create a perimeter around the backyard with these nozzles. The system sprays by a timer at optimal times, which are dawn, dusk and two or three hours before dusk depending on what insects we’re targeting.” The object of the misting system is two-fold: first, it sprays and controls or eliminates the insect population that’s rooted inside the yard, including the breeding, hiding and feeding grounds for the mosquitoes within the yard itself, and then controls it.

Secondly, the spray works as a repellent for the mosquitoes, keeping away the unwanted neighbors’ mosquitoes as well.

A-Niks’ misting system can work to eliminate a variety of flying insects, and also spiders. The misting product has been tested and is not known to cause any cancer or other dangers. “In fact, the insects themselves carry much more risk and harm to us than the insecticide does,” Al points out.

A total of 24 people were documented as having West Nile in Florida for the season last year, according to the CDC.

Systems can be completely installed by Al and his crew, who are certified pest control operators, or A-Niks™ sells easy-to install kits for the DIY’er. Beyond mosquitoes, there are a multitude of summer outdoor challenges to greet us as summer unfolds, such as extreme temperatures, a glaring sun and rain. A-Niks™ offers everything to make your summer more enjoyable, such as sunshades, umbrellas, awnings, retracting screens that are sunscreens, and mosquito screens for those who prefer not to have the misting system for whatever reason. They also offer cooling systems so you’re not perspiring while you’re partying.

“Our cooling systems are fabulous,” Al says. “They work incredibly well. They make your patio or lanai enjoyable and comfortable again. Our retractable roof awning systems give you incredible protection from the rain and wind and work wonderfully to make your patio enjoyable.”

A-Niks™ Outdoor Comfort Solutions is licensed and insured.
Al and Deborah Erturk can be reached at (877) 966-2483