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Residential Outdoor Cooling


Residential Outdoor Cooling

A-Niks utilizes state of the art evaporative cooling technology to cool outdoor spaces effectively & efficiently. Whether you are building a new home or want to add a system to a pre-existing home, we have a system for you. We will custom design a system for your home or facility. You will be able to enjoy the cherished outdoor activities around your home with friends and family without being bothered by heat. Traditional cool misting systems are not as efficient at keeping you cool and dry here in Florida. Our cool misting system is designed to operate in Florida's humid conditions with out getting you or your guests wet. Don't settle for a cheap cool misting system that will just mist water all over your outdoor space getting everything wet. Get the product that was designed just for the environment that you live in.

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Residential Outdoor Cooling

Why A-Niks?

  • Performance Guaranteed!
  • Everyone stays cool and dry
  • 1000 psi of flow ensures evaporation
  • Specialized all weather fans move cool air to desired location
  • Top of the line ruby tipped nozzles for the most efficient cool misting system on the market
  • Minimal operating costs

Our System is also available to purchase direct and can be self-installed.

We will ship anywhere in the USA.


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