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Outdoor Sports Cooling

If you're playing or watching sports outdoors, there is no doubt about it - IT'S HOT! Most people don't realize or take into account the heat index either. The Heat Index is the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined. So for instance, if it is 90 degrees outside and humidity is at 70% - the heat index is 105 degrees! That's dangerous!

With heat related injuries on the rise each year, it is absolutely essential that you keep your players and spectators cool.

A-NIKS provides a number of solutions ranging from small portable systems to permanently installed cooling solutions.

Play it safe and contact A-NIKS today.

A-Niks Outdoor Cooling is the Answer

Whether it is the permanently installed system, or one of our portables; A-NIKS can turn unusable outdoor summer venues into a comfortable profit center. Our technology leverages evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of an outdoor space by as much as 20 degrees, without getting your visitors wet.

Amusement Park Cooling Fan mist system
  • Reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees
  • Keep everyone cool and dry
  • Customers stay longer and consume more
  • Distinct competitive advantages over other local establishments
  • Increase existing customer traffic
  • Turn outdoor seating into a year round profit center

Our System is also available to purchase direct and can be self-installed.

We will ship anywhere in the USA.

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