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Not All Ruby Nozzles Are Created Equal

Our company focuses on using the highest quality products we can find and our ruby tipped nozzle is no exception!

The Glass Metal Seal used to embed a ruby into the nozzle is a far superior method of attaching glass to metal than using a chemical adhesive.

The Bond made between the glass and metal is so tough that many products that are manufactured with this method have 15-40 year warranties on the seal.

Not All Ruby Nozzles Are Created Equal

Inferior nozzles use a chemical glue adhesive to keep the ruby tip in place on the nozzle. This method of gluing the materials together does not resist high pressure as well as the glass-metal seal.

To be effective in Florida's high humidity, we use four different orifice sizes: .85mm, .1mm, .15mm, and .2mm. These size options allow us to custom design our systems to keep you cool and dry.

The .2mm ceramic nozzle, which is the smallest of the ceramics, has a flow rate of 1.97g/hr, while our ruby tipped .2mm nozzle has a flow rate of 1.41g/hr. This restricted water flow is one of the key qualities misting systems need to work in humid environments like Florida.

Not All Ruby Nozzles Are Created Equal

Nozzle Size and Type

Flow Rate

Ceramic Nozzle .2mm  

1.97 g/hr

Ruby Nozzle .2mm 

1.41 g/hr

Ruby Nozzle .15mm

0.73 g/hr

Ruby Nozzle .1mm

0.48 g/hr

Ruby Nozzle .085mm

0.32 g/hr

The orifice size of ruby tipped nozzles allows for a smaller diameter than ceramic nozzles and the precision in manufacturing allows for better control of the flow rate. The orifice of our nozzles is a near perfect circle unlike some cheaper nozzles which have an oval orifice which makes for an uneven spray pattern.

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