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We have all been in business long enough to know that one of the big keys to success is efficiency and productivity. Well, efficiency and productivity are directly tied together, and here is how: It's a hot sunny day; a nice 95 degrees outside. You own an auto body shop with 4 guys working throughout the day to turn jobs over so you can get as many cars in as possible - maximum efficiency right? Well, because its 95 degrees outside and it feels like 115 inside your shop, your employees have to take a 5 minute break every 15 minutes to keep from having a heat stroke - its dangerous in that kind of heat. So that's 20 minutes an hour, multiply that by 4 employees - that is 30% of your work day gone because it is too hot and dangerous to work outside! Now what if you could lower that temperature to 75 degrees. Now your guys take a 5 - 10 minute break every HOUR instead of 15 minutes. That's only 10% of your work day. That's 15% to 20% more work you can do in a single day! (I'd say do the math, but we've already done it!) Don't let anymore of your work day go to waste - contact A-NIKS today.

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