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Residential Outdoor Heating

Summer or winter, most of us enjoy spending time in our backyards. Backyards are not simply your back porch any more. Many homes have outdoor kitchens, TV’s, beautiful furniture and more because it’s become an important part of your daily routine, to kick back and enjoy what is yours. It’s the haven where you spend time at the end of the day away from your daily worries.

Residential Outdoor Heating

However, in winter it is more difficult to host that backyard barbecue because of the cold, especially if you don’t have any outdoor heaters to keep you and your company comfortable. A-NIKS can help make your space comfortable all year long with our patio heaters and beautiful fire pits.

Why miss out because of the weather? With our outdoor comfort solutions, your choices are endless.

From recessed heaters to portable heaters, gas heaters to propane heaters or electric heaters, the sky is the limit, all while keeping your personal taste in mind.

No excuses! Claim your space regardless of the weather conditions.

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