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Amusement Park Cooling Fan mist system

Attendance trends will show you that sales in the Amusement Park Industry tend to be very cyclical. The low points in the cycle tend to be in the hottest months of the summer and the coldest months of the winter. Let's face it - if its too hot or too cold, know one in their right mind wants to stand outside and wait in line. Its just not going to happen.

Now, what if you could make it feel like it was a nice 70 degree day outdoors, 365 days of the year? Imagine what that would do to that low point in the seasonal sales cycle. A-NIKS can make that a reality.

An Outdoor Climate Control System from A-NIKS can create custom comfort zones for strategic sections or your entire park, making it a pleasant year round experience, whether standing in line or eating in a crowded pavilion.

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A-Niks Outdoor Cooling is the Answer

A professionally installed outdoor cooling system from A-NIKS can turn unusable outdoor summer seating into a comfortable profit center. Our technology leverages evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of an outdoor space by as much as 20 degrees, without getting your customers wet

Amusement Park Cooling Fan mist system
  • Reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees
  • Keep customers cool and dry
  • Customers stay longer and consume more
  • Distinct competitive advantages over other local establishments
  • Increase existing customer traffic
  • Turn outdoor seating into a year round profit center

Our System is also available to purchase direct and can be self-installed.

We will ship anywhere in the USA.

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