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Agricultural & Livestock Mosquito Control Systems

Agricultural & Livestock Mosquito Control Systems

Installing an A-NIKS Mosquito Misting System can help minimize stable flies, mosquitoes, and other insects which may be attracted to your livestock.

The A-NIKS fly control system will help decrease the insect population including those insects that carry diseases, thereby helping to protect your cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and other livestock. Additionally, people will also benefit from the decrease in the insect population.

The A-NIKS mosquito and fly control system can be installed to provide coverage inside ventilated housing, around barn entrances, along stockade and fence lines. The digital timer and optional accessories like remote control , you have complete control on how often your system mists. With your own custom design you can create zones where you can turn off the nozzles to one zone while leaving nozzles active in other zones.

  • When comparing A-NIKS product with other mosquito misting systems on the market, be sure to compare all the features and the warranty.
  • Not all mosquito misting systems are the same! Some systems can handle a remote and others cannot! Be sure to also compare nozzle and control system quality.
  • A-NIKS Mosquito Misting System is a great permanent solution to controlling the bug population around your property.
  • With the Florida weather, and the flies and mosquitoes that comes with it; why wait? Help your livestock, and protect your investment.

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