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Lancer - Pergolas

The warmth and look of wood, the durability of marine grade fiberglass, and the strength of steel.

Avalon $5,020

Vineyard Pergalos

The Pergola Avalon with its simple yet grand design is made of durable fiberglass composite over a dip galvanized steel structure.

The Pergola Avalon is available in a variety of colors and finishes. The Pergola Avalon can withstand severe temperature conditions and wind speeds and is resistant to weather and water.

Easy to install, the Pergola must be attached to the ground for added stability.

Vineyard $4,090

Vineyard Pergalos

Just as the Pergola Avalon is designed with a dip galvanized steel structure and fiberglass composite; so too is the Pergola Vineyard. Pergola Vineyard brings old world feel to new world construction. The durability of the fiberglass to the elements gives the classic look of teak wood without the maintenance that it comes with. Pergola Vineyard is designed to last through the ages both in design and durability.

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